Georgians Who Donate To Police Have Access To $75 Million in Tax Breaks

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New legislation signed into law in Atlanta has made millions of dollars of state tax credit available to Georgians who donate to local law enforcement.

On Monday (May 9), Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 361, which gives residents and corporations who pump money into police foundations access to $75 million worth of state income tax credits every year.

According to Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, who pushed the measure to become law, police and sheriff's offices needed more funding to respond to rising crime rates.

Senator Larry Walker said in a statement, “This gives much-needed resources to local law enforcement."

Individuals who monetarily support local police will have access to up to $5,000 in tax credits per year. Corporations can receive 75% of their tax liability.

SB 361 prohibits local law enforcement from using donations to hire more police. The money is intended to provide bonus pay and make various department improvements.

The measure also caps donations to each police foundation at $3 million per year in an effort to spread funds to as many departments as possible.

More legislation signed into law by Governor Kemp on Monday include Senate Bill 403, where behavioral health professionals and law enforcement will partner to better respond to emergency calls, and House Bill 424, which allocates $20 million of tax credits to Georgians who donate to foster care organizations.

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