Elementary Students Hospitalized After Eating Weed Gummies In Michigan

Two fifth-graders were reportedly rushed to the hospital after consuming THC-infused gummies at the same school where a kindergartner shared margaritas with their classmates.

The incident went down Monday (May 12) at Grand River Academy in Livonia, Michigan, according to local TV station FOX 2. Krystle Hall, the mother of one of the hospitalized students, told reporters her son got a "funny feeling" after eating the gummies, not realizing he was experiencing a high.

"That's all he kept saying (was that) he felt funny," Hall says. "To know that my child had, has this in his system makes me angry. Devastated." She later learned another fifth-grader brought the edibles to school, broke a gummy in half, and shared it with her child. When her son told a teacher he wasn't feeling good, they took him to the office.

"They questioned him, and when he told them he ate a gummy, they asked where he got it from. When they returned to the class to check, that’s when they found out he had a THC gummy," she explained to Detroit Metro Times.

Reporters say school employees called poison control and took the children to a nearby hospital. They're expected to be okay, but Hall still demands action -- especially after she received a letter from the school principal that promised the students involved in the incident would be disciplined.

"HOW WAS MY CHILD DISCIPLINED WHEN HES SITTING IN THE HOSPITAL WITH AN IV NOT KNOWING WTF HAPPENED!" the mother wrote on Facebook. "Somebody needs to be held accountable and I’m asking you to share this story please because Grand River Academy needs to be put on blast AGAIN for them not watching these babies."

Hall also noted that authorities declined to press charges since minors were involved in the situation.

Grand River Academy also released a statement to FOX 2 on the issue:

"We were distressed to realize one of our fifth-graders brought a marijuana-infused gummy to school Monday and shared it with a peer. Out of an abundance of caution, both children were sent to receive medical attention. 
While edibles like these look like candy, they certainly are not – and parents need to take responsibility to keep these kinds of products out of the reach of their children. While we try to keep an eye on everything our students bring to school, that’s simply not possible.
We recognize this is a disturbing situation for any family and are working directly with the families of those students who were involved. We have also taken this opportunity to remind parents we have a zero-tolerance policy for bringing banned items to school. We encourage all parents and guardians to be vigilant about the food and snacks they are sending to school with their children."

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