Cry It Out To My Chemical Romance At This Texas 'Emo Yoga' Class

Photo: Getty Images

Did you know that there is an "Emo Yoga" class right here in Texas? That's right, you can now cry it out to My Chemical Romance and meditate to Owl City.

My San Antonio reported that Chey Horner meshed her loves of yoga and emo music. She approached the local arts and entertainment company Twin Productions, and the idea took off from there.

Since then, the Emo Yoga nights have taken off. Her first two nights were in January and February. After that, her third night in March completely sold out.

Since the class became so popular, it will now be held bi-weekly on Wednesdays. It only costs $15 per person, and it's inside Rockbox in San Antonio. Horner says that this is just what the San Antonio emo community needs.

Horner said:

"I would go to emo nights in San Antonio, and just interact with people in this culture. And, you could say you saw a lot of alcohol and drug addiction. You'd see a lot of aggression, a lot of violence. You'd see a lot of unresolved trauma-like things that people are kind of leaving pent up inside, and they're using unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with that. I wanted to bring something to the community that was healing, but also something fun. Something that doesn't involve drugs and alcohol."

To see more about Emo Yoga and instructor Chey Horner, click here.

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