Black Man Accuses Unlicensed Dentist of Botched Veneer Job In Viral Tweets

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A Black man who expected to get a new set of white composite veneers claims he ended up with a mouth full of 'Red Lobster cheddar biscuits,' and now his teeth have become a hot topic of discussion.

Zooted Spitwell, @Zoo757, took to Twitter to rant about a cosmetic dentistry journey that resulted in him receiving yellow veneers he describes as 'cheddar biscuits.' However, the woman who performed the procedure is fighting back against Spittwell's slander and has shared her perspective of the procedure on Facebook.

In a now-viral Twitter thread, Spitwell explains he was looking to get composite veneers from Essential Grillz, a "teeth jewelry" company in Virginia. The Twitter user claims he agreed to the procedure unaware that the woman was "not a licensed dentist."

“I was thinking of getting my top lip removed just so they can see my teeth all the time. I was ready,” Spitwell said in the thread. “But instead I got these. I didn’t even know veneers could come in yellow.”

According to Spitwell, the woman who performed the procedure said he was being "mean" to her when he requested his teeth be fixed.

“This took a huge toll on my mental health,” Spitwell said on Twitter. “She put Red Lobster cheddar biscuits in my mouth, bruh."

"She ordered my veneers from aliexpress," he added. "S**t probably said 'pre-stained veneers.'"

Spitwell also posted messages exchanged between the two where he asked for a refund. The woman denied his refund request because he allegedly signed a consent form knowing she wasn't a licensed dentist.

Sharing her side of the story, the woman said, "The service I do is cosmetic, there's no filing of the natural teeth, no numbing, and NOT PERMANENT." She continued, "It can be removed and doesn't have to be done by a dentist. I have never pretended to be a dentist nor said I was one."

The woman added that the two agreed to put composite veneers in to fix discoloration on Spitwell's top six teeth. The Essential Grillz employee matched the veneer shade to Spitwell's other teeth since he didn't have the financial means to keep up with teeth whitening for his entire mouth.

"This customer asked for 6 teeth but was expecting a mouth full of white teeth... there was obviously a misunderstanding and I was more than willing to help him until he got rude and disrespectful on social media," the woman said.

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