'My Sign Wasn't Racist': Gun Store Owner Defends Mocking George Floyd

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An Alabama business owner is doubling down after receiving backlash for a racist sign she posted outside of her gun store.

A now-viral sign at Leesburg Guns in Alabama read, "CONGRATULATIONS TO GEORGE FLOYD ON 2 YEARS OF SOBRIETY,” revealed by the Sand Moutain Reporter.

Since receiving national attention, owner Jeannie Nichols said she's received hate messages and threats from people across the country calling her a racist.

Nichols' store now holds a one-star rating on Yelp.

"They are absolutely DISGUSTING. Don't waste your money. There are plenty of other businesses to support that are reputable. These people are horrible," one person said in a review.

"Raging racists. If they are this blatant about being immoral & disrespectful about human life, they are surely that way about safety. One cannot purchase from horrendous business owner who purportedly represents the city of Leesburg. Shut this merchant down," another added.

However, Nichols remains adamant that the sign mocking Floyd wasn't racist.

According to the Sand Mountain Reporter, the gun store owner said she put out the sign after former President Barack Obama, in her opinion, disrespectfully compared Floyd's murder to the Uvalde massacre that left 21 children and two teachers dead.

“It ticked me off good,” Nichols said. “But it has nothing to do with the fact that George Floyd was Black, it has to do with the fact of what George Floyd did and that they’re honoring him. That man doesn’t need to be honored.”

“My sign was not racist,” Nichols added. “Even though they want to spin it that way, it had nothing to do with his color. It had to do with what kind of person he was. People seem to worship him."

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