Woman Says Target Denied 'Black' Application, But Approved 'Mixed Race'

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A TikTokker says her Target application got denied when she applied as Black, but after resubmitting an application with a different name and marking her race as "mixed" she was granted an interview.

On July 11 (Monday), @lilbby_torii took to TikTok to share her experience while applying for a job at Target.

In the now-viral video, the Tiktokker accuses Target of denying her application when she applied as "Naturi, the Black/African American girl.”

However, when she submitted an application as "Tori, the mixed-raced girl," she claims Target moved her to the second stage of the job process and requested an interview.

The woman also included evidence of the alleged rejection and interview offer emails from Target.

“I always wondered if I l changed my name and race would I get hired,” @lilbby_torii captioned her TikTok video. “We got the answer.”

The TikTokker also noted that she applied to the same Target location and that the only differences between the two applications were the name and race.

As of Wednesday (July 13), @lilbby_torii’s video garnered over 185,000 views.

Users across the social media platform commented on the allegations and shared their own experiences with racist hiring practices.

"This is so facts. I put my race as Black at first and got denied," one user commented. "Had an interview when I put mixed and I didn’t even want it anymore."

"I figured my qualifications weren’t getting me declined my chosen race/ethnicity was at jobs so I started opting out. Unfortunately, it works," another TikToker shared.

Others called out Target specifically for allegedly displaying a pattern of discrimination.

"I've put black on all my target applications.. the ONE time I put mixed race, I got an interview. but then I didn't get the job," a user added. "Definitely [a] race issue."

"Target is known for their discriminating hiring process," another comment reads.

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