Brittney Griner Returns To Russian Court After Pleading Guilty

Photo: Getty Images

WNBA star Brittney Griner appeared in Russian court on Thursday (July 14) as her trial resumed one week after she entered a guilty plea, per NBC News.

During the third hearing of her trial, Griner appeared in court with U.S. Embassy representatives and her lawyers, who are expected to argue her case on Thursday.

Griner's appearance in court comes after she pleaded guilty to drug charges last week.

The Phoenix Mercury star was first detained almost 150 days ago after Russian authorities found vape cartridges with cannabis oil in her bag at a Moscow airport.

As she submitted her guilty plea, Griner admitted to bringing cannabis into the country but said she didn't intend to break the law.

"I was in a rush packing and the cartridges accidentally ended up in my bags," she said.

Griner's defense said she sought a guilty plea to take accountability for her actions and in hopes that the judge will consider a lighter sentence. The basketball star could face up to 10 years in prison.

"Considering the nature of her case, the insignificant amount of the substance, and BG's personality and history of positive contributions to global and Russian sport, the defense hopes that the plea will be considered by the court as a mitigating factor and there will be no severe sentence," Griner's lawyers said in a statement.

According to NBC News, Griner may testify in court and be questioned on Thursday as her defense pushes for leniency.

Griner's lawyers expect her trial to continue through August.

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