Black Child Isolating With Family After Being Traumatized At Sesame Place

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One of the Black girls who was seemingly ignored by a Sesame Place character has been left traumatized and is currently isolating with her grandmother to regain stability, the family lawyer says.

Sesame Place, a Sesame Street-themed amusement park in Philadelphia, is facing backlash after a clip of a costumed character snubbing two Black girls during a parade garnered national attention.

In the clip, the two young girls can be seen reaching out to hug Sesame Place character Rosita, who responded by shaking her head no and walking past them.

A woman identified as Jodi, the mother of the two, posted a video of the interaction and said the Sesame Place character proceeded to hug the white child standing next to them after ignoring her kids.

Following the incident going viral, the family brought on lawyer B'Ivory LaMarr to seek justice for the encounter that has left one of the girls overcome with emotion, per TMZ.

According to LaMarr, the young child has been crying and upset because she doesn't understand why Rosita would treat her differently than the white child. The girl is currently staying with her grandmother in an effort to shield her from publicity and heal from the residual trauma.

LaMarr says that the family is working to set up therapy sessions for the children in the aftermath of the Sesame Place snub, TMZ reports.

The lawyer is mulling over a lawsuit against Sesame Place Philadelphia as more videos emerge of Black children being seemingly ignored by the same character at the theme park.

According to TMZ, a press conference is scheduled to be held on Wednesday (July 2020) at Sesame Workshop in New York City to discuss the incident and accusations of racism.

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