Black Man Beaten, Left Bloodied By Police Over Traffic Stop: Video

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A state investigation has been launched into the violent arrest of a Black man who was chased into a home and beaten by Tennessee police after an attempted traffic stop.

On Saturday (July 16), Oakland officers followed Brandon Calloway, 25, into his father's home after he failed to pull over for a traffic violation. The police officers shocked him with a taser gun and beat him with a baton, WREG reports.

The incident was filmed by Calloway's alleged girlfriend who can be heard screaming "Stop hitting him!" as three police officers run up the stairs and violently detain the 25-year-old.

"Why are you chasing and hitting him?" a woman asks in the video. "He has no weapons."

Calloway reappears in the video bloody as police drag him out of a room in the residence.

Officers attempted to pull over Calloway after he drove through a stop sign at 32mph in a 20mph zone, according to a police affidavit.

After Oakland police followed Calloway to his father's home, he ran inside the residence. Batons were employed by police when the Taser had "no effect" on Calloway as he "continued to resist arrest," an affidavit says.

Andre Wharton, Calloway’s lawyer, told FOX13  that footage of the incident shows an officer putting his foot on the head and neck area of the 25-year-old.

“In this video, you can see in the house when force is being exerted, one of the officers, I believe to be one of the white males, you’ll have to verify for yourself, is putting his foot on the head area, the neck of Brandon Calloway,” Wharton said.

According to Wharton, Calloway, who faces charges of disorderly conduct and evading arrest, needs eight stitches after the bloody police encounter.

Oakland Police Chief Chris Earl said the department is investigating the incident.

“Our officers are well-trained. So, as far as any allegations go, we just need to look at the investigation and see where everything comes out,” Earl said in a statement.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has also launched a probe to determine the "circumstances of the arrest and the use of force involved.”

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