'What Do Y'all Call A Pregnant Slave': Cop Accused Of Sending Racist Texts

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Residents in an Alabama town are calling for an assistant police chief to be fired after he allegedly sent racist text messages to his fellow colleagues, WBRC reports.

On Tuesday (August 2), angry residents of Vincent spoke out against the alleged text messages at a city council meeting.

Vincent residents and the Shelby County NAACP believe the assistant police chief sent a "racist joke" to other officers in the force and are urging for his termination.

"What do y'all call a pregnant slave?" an assistant police chief allegedly wrote, setting up a punchline.

Other officers responded with question marks, to which the assistant police chief replied, "BOGO. Buy one, get one free," according to angered Vincent residents.

“Other citizens in this town, are not comfortable with this person coming to their home, or even stopping them on the side of the road,” said Reverend Kenneth Dukes, President of Shelby County’s NAACP. “Why would our taxes pay money for this gentleman to sit in that seat of authority?”

A Vincent resident identified as Tina added, “You cut me, I’m going to bleed red, not green, not blue, not yellow, it’s going to be red, so he’s a very ignorant individual."

Vincent's Mayor pledged to investigate the text messages and is set to give an update on the probe at the next council meeting, which is scheduled for August 16.

Mayor James D. Latimer barred public comment during Tuesday's meeting.

“I don’t want this to turn into a madhouse, and that’s why I chose to restrict public comment tonight,” Latimer said.

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