West Point Should Consider Removing KKK Plaque From Campus, Panel Says

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A congressional panel has suggested West Point remove a plaque paying homage to the Ku Klan Klan located on the campus of the revered military academy, per the New York Post.

On Monday (August 29), the Naming Commission released a report calling attention to a bronze plaque that depicts a man in a hood holding a gun with the words “Ku Klux Klan” written below it, adorning the entrance of the Bartlett Hall Science Center on West Point's New York campus.

The Naming commission was formed to make recommendations on the renaming of Confederate monuments on military property.

According to its report, the congressional panel can not outright demand the removal of the KKK plaque because it is not specifically linked to the Confederacy.

However, the Naming Commission pointed out that “there are clearly ties in the KKK to the Confederacy,” and urged the Department of Defense to “create a standard disposition requirement for such assets.”

The commission did directly call for the renaming of a dozen of campus buildings, roads, and gates named after General Robert E. Lee and other Confederate leaders.

Per its report, portraits of Lee and those who "voluntarily served" under him should be removed.

The commission also directed the military to rename several assets at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, the Post reports.

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