Student Sent Image Of N-Word Shaped As Swastika To Black Boy, Mom Says

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A Colorado mother is calling for a middle school student to be expelled after a child allegedly sent a hateful symbol filled with slurs to her Black son.

Jana Veasey, mother of seventh-grade Mesa Middle School student Isaiah, said her family had just moved to Castle Rock, Colorado when another student randomly AirDropped her son a picture of the N-word typed over 60 times in the shape of a swastika.

“It was a swastika sign with that word in it, in the shape of a swastika sign,” Veasey told FOX31.

Veasey said the image was sent to her son at school during breakfast in the cafeteria. Being the new kid in the school, Isaiah doesn't even know the person who sent the racist message, the mom added.

“They’ve never had a conversation, they’re not even on the same schedules. They don’t eat lunch together, they don’t do anything together. So this kid just took the time out to make this disgusting picture then he AirDropped it to my son during breakfast,” she said.

According to Veasey, the school suspended the student for the incident, but she would like to see the child be expelled.

“I don’t understand how they can kick kids out of school for bullying, but they can’t kick a kid out for being racist," Veasey said. "That should be in the same category. It is a type of bullying, just in a different way.”

The Douglas County School District said they take these types of allegations seriously, but officials can't comment on how students are disciplined, per FOX31.

Veasey said she's moving forward with pressing charges against the student who sent the hateful image.

"There are too many excuses in the world on why people can get away with certain things and I really don’t care that he is a kid, because I feel like his intentions were real," she said. "He knew what he was doing, so he should be punished for what he has done."

See the image here.

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