Pastor Appears To Grab Woman By Neck During Live Streamed Service: Video

Photo: Getty Images

A Brooklyn pastor has again made headlines after he appeared to get physical with a woman during a live-streamed church service.

Video circulating online shows Bishop Lamar Whitehead of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries grabbing a woman by the back of her neck and shoving her out of the camera's view on Sunday (September 18).

It's unclear what led to the physical confrontation, but the woman seemed to emerge from the congregation and interrupt Whitehead as he was delivering his sermon on the pulpit, per the clip.

According to TMZ, police responded to the scene and brought the pastor and the alleged victim to a precinct for further investigation.

Whitehead confirmed he was arrested on social media Sunday, but said cops released him and dropped all charges.

The Brooklyn pastor also claimed that the woman, along with others, purposely came to the church to disrupt his service. According to Whitehead, she was threatening his wife and daughter, so he grabbed the woman to protect them.

Whitehead insisted that he is pro-woman and that he has more video to support his claims.

News of the altercation comes after the pastor, accused of being flashy, was robbed at gunpoint of more than $1 million worth of jewelry during a live-streamed service.

According to reports, Whitehead is also facing a lawsuit, alleging that he scammed $90,000 out of one of his congregants and stole their life savings.

He suggested Sunday that the people allegedly sent to disrupt his service were tied to his ongoing litigation.

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