Herschel Walker Says His Adult Son, Who Blasted GOP Nominee, Needs Spanking

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Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker said his adult son needed a spanking after the 23-year-old publicly condemned the GOP nominee for his "lies."

“I’ve got to get back to him and spank him,” Walker said Tuesday (October 4) of his son, Christian Walker, at a prayer luncheon, according to audio obtained by the HuffPost.

The comment came one day after Christian dragged Herschel on Twitter following The Daily Beast reporting that his father got a woman pregnant and paid for her abortion.

Though Herschel adamantly denied allegations, his son called him a liar and hypocrite as the GOP Senate candidate has been outspoken about his stance against abortions and critical of absentee fathers.

"Every family member of Herschel Walker asked him not to run for office because we all knew (some of) his past. Every single one. He decided to give us the middle finger and air out all of his dirty laundry in public, while simultaneously lying about it," Christian tweeted Monday (October 3).

"I don’t care about someone who has a bad past and takes accountability," he said in another tweet. "But how DARE YOU LIE and act as though you’re some “moral, Christian, upright man.” You’ve lived a life of DESTROYING other people's lives. How dare you."

In follow-up videos and tweets, Christian went on to hint at the allegations of abuse his father is facing.

"I know my mom and I would really appreciate if my father Herschel Walker stopped lying and making a mockery of us," Christian said.

"You’re not a “family man” when you left us to bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence."

The Daily Beast's report cited the woman allegedly impregnated by Herschel and her close friend, who “took care of her in the days after the procedure.”

According to the outlet, the woman provided a "get well" card signed by the Senate candidate, a receipt from the abortion clinic, and a bank deposit slip that showed he allegedly sent her a check to reimburse her for the procedure.

Walker called the report a "flat-out lie" on Twitter Monday and noted his plans to sue the publication for defamation.

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