Tupac Shakur's Stepfather To Be Freed From Prison Amid Declining Health

Photo: mutulushakur.com

Mutulu Shakur, a Black liberation activist and late rapper Tupac Shakur's stepfather, will soon be freed from prison after spending over 35 years behind bars.

On Thursday (November 10), The U.S. Parole Commission confirmed that Mutulu, 72, will walk free and spend his last days in Southern California amid his declining health, The Intercept reports.

“We now find your medical condition renders you so infirm of mind and body that you are no longer physically capable of committing any Federal, State, or local crime,” the Parole Commission said in a statement regarding Mutulu's release.

Activists have long called for Mutulu to be freed as the 72-year-old battles bone marrow cancer. In May, doctors said the late rapper's stepfather only had six months to live, per his attorney Brad Thomson. His supporters argued that Mutulu didn't pose a threat to society and was unlikely to re-offend if released. He's been eligible for release since 2016 after serving 30 years in the federal system, per the Parole Commission guidelines.

“We are relieved that the Parole Commission now recognizes what has long been true — that Dr. Shakur’s release poses no risk whatsoever,” Thomson, said. “It is tragic that it took until he was on the verge of death for that truth to finally be realized.”

In Southern California, Mutulu “will now be able to live out his final days, surrounded by the love and care of his family and close friends," his attorney added.

Mutulu was initially sentenced to 60 years in prison after being convicted of multiple charges, including conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. Activists and supporters have argued that he was a political prisoner and not a criminal.

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