America’s Four Largest Cities Will Be Run By Black Mayors

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With Rep. Karen Bass' historic win in Los Angeles, Black mayors will be at the helm of the nation's four largest cities, CNN reports.

Bass is set to be sworn in as Los Angeles mayor on December 12 after winning against her opponent Rick Caruso during the midterm elections.

The six-term congresswoman, who is making history as LA's first female mayor, will join the ranks of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as Black mayors who run America's biggest cities.

“As Black mayors continue to win elections this cycle, we are excited that, for the first time, the four largest cities – New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago & Houston – are each led by an African American mayor,” the African American Mayors Association said on Thursday (November 17), per CNN.

Phyllis Dickerson, CEO of the African American Mayors Association, said having these large cities under Black leadership will have a positive local and national impact. Black mayors are able to bring a different perspective to office as they can identify with the problems their communities are facing, Dickerson said.

“When you have the top four cities at the table, with the administration, I think that the conversation is definitely going to land where it needs to be,” Dickerson told CNN.

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