Twitter Reacts To Queen Camilla's 'Awkward' Interaction With Black Child

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Camilla, the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom, has sparked debate over her interaction with a young Black girl in a video widely circulating on social media.

On Thursday (November 24), Queen Camilla visited Barnardo's Nursery in Bow to donate a number of Paddington Bear stuffed animals left in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II following her death in September, according to Newsbreak.

Press footage captured from the engagement shows the new Queen Consort meeting with children from the charity. One particular encounter with a Black child, however, has Twitter users debating whether Queen Camilla felt "awkward" interacting with the young girl due to her race.

In a short clip of their interaction, the royal appears to pick up the girl's arm by the sleeve of her shirt rather than her wrist.

"Look at Camilla trying her hardest not to touch a Black baby," one Twitter user wrote. "Stop letting them do this to your children for pr. #RacistRoyalFamily"

"Camilla struggles to touch a Black child (and the kids look clearly uncomfortable around her)," another tweeted. "The real face of the British monarchy: PR stunts and photo ops."

"The way Camilla holds this child's hand is very disturbing," a third Twitter user said. "I've a strong itch to slap her hand right off. What the hell did she think she was doing to this Black child?"

Other social media users pointed out that the short clip didn't show the full interaction, which included Queen Camilla complimenting the child on her "pretty bracelet."

"Still an awkward moment for Camilla but not as disturbing as I initially thought," a social media user wrote in response to a longer video of the interaction shared on Twitter. "At the risk of appearing stilted, she tried not to intimidate."

Some went further in their defense of the Queen Consort.

"You're projecting. She doesn't look uncomfortable with the child at all. I'm not a fan of Camilla but you're reading things that aren't there," one individual tweeted, per Newsbreak.

"Many of the Barnardo's children have already, heartbreakingly, suffered abuse, trauma, and loss around adults," another said. "Camilla did 100% the right thing - she was tentative and gave the child autonomy in their contact. Eventually, she DID get the little hand. Bravo Camilla, you did well."

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