Michelle Obama Reacts To Viral Video Of Woman Calling Barack Obama 'Fine'

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Michelle Obama has finally shared her reaction to the viral clip of a woman calling Barack Obama "fine" on the campaign trail.

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the former first lady revealed that her husband told her about the woman's compliment, but she hadn't gotten a chance to see the viral moment for herself, per HuffPost.

Host Jimmy Kimmel played the footage of the moment, which has garnered more than 8 million views on Twitter, for her to view for the first time.

“He came home, that’s the first thing he said. I was like, ‘How’d it go?’” "The Light We Carry" author recalled on Monday (December 12) night's episode, noting that the comment made the former president's day. She said he told her: “‘Somebody said I was fine.’”

“I was like, ‘Oh, really, that’s so sweet,’” she quipped as the audience laughed.

The former president was campaigning in Detroit on October 29 ahead of midterm elections when the viral moment ensued.

After Barack Obama joked about how the campaign trail “feels a little harder than it used to” and “not just because I’m older and grayer,” a woman in the audience shouted that the 61-year-old was “still finer than a motherf****r.”

“She said I was still fine,” he repeated as the crowd burst into laughter. “I’m not going to tell Michelle you said that — although Michelle does agree. She knows.”

When asked if she shares similar stories with her husband, Michelle Obama jokingly said on Monday: “He doesn’t need to know all my business.”

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