2 Heroic Moms Help Rescue Kidnapped Baby & Lead Police to Suspect

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Two mothers helped authorities capture a kidnapping suspect and save the life of a missing Ohio baby, People reports.

Five-month-old twins Kason and Kyair Thomas were in the backseat of a Honda at a pizza shop in Columbus when they initially went missing on December 19. Suspect Nalah Jackson is believed to have stolen the vehicle with the twins inside, according to police.

Kyair was soon found by a bystander who spotted the five-month-old outside the Dayton International Airport in a parking lot. Kason, however, was still missing, so authorities put out an Amber alert.

Authorities said Kason was found safe three days later in large part thanks to two quick-thinking mothers.

While Kason's location was still unknown, Jackson was selling toys out of her car. One of the moms, Shyann Delmar, happened to buy some toys from Jackson and even gave her a ride to a nearby store. However, during their encounter, Delmar recalled that something about Jackson felt off.

Delmar was looking through Facebook the following day when she spotted a picture of Jackson's mugshot.

"I saw a mugshot," Delmar said, per News 5 Cleveland. "And I'm like, 'She looks familiar.'"

Now in cahoots with police, Delmar and her cousin Mecka Curry told Jackson that they were interested in buying more toys so the two moms could lure the suspect into their vehicle.

The pair successfully pulled off the plan, and police pulled over the vehicle holding Jackson, arresting her on charges of felony kidnapping.

The next step was finding Kason, who was still missing after the arrest. The two mothers checked local bus stops until they spotted a Honda holding the baby in a parking lot. Delmar and Curry flagged down police, who ultimately rescued Kason.

A Columbus Police spokesperson thanked the moms for their service.

"Social media can be a positive tool to help spread information like this, and it just helps us to effectively solve cases," IMPD Sgt. Shawn Anderson told News 5.

The child's grandmother expressed gratitude for the two women who helped rescue him.

"Mecka and Shyann, I appreciate you. My family appreciates you," LaFonda Thomas said. "What you guys did, it took courage."

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