Former Nebraska QB Tommy Armstrong Jr. Rescues Family From Burning Home

Photo: Getty Images

Former Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. is being hailed as a hero after he and his mom rescued a family from a burning home in Mississippi.

According to CBS Sports, Armstrong, who played for the Cornhuskers from 2013 to 2016, was visiting his family in Gulport, Mississippi on Monday (December 26) when he saw smoke coming from a neighbor's house.

With no time to waste, Armstrong began throwing bricks through the window of the burning home and crawled in the retrieve the family inside, WLOX reports.

Jaylyn Armstrong, the wife of the former Cornhuskers QB, called him and his mom heroes in a tweet where she detailed the incident.

"We're sitting in her living room and the neighbor's house burst in flames," she wrote on Twitter. "We run over and I take care of the young girl who punched the windows out to break free, Tommy and his mom jump into the burning house to pull the remaining people out."

Following the house fire, the family, who Armstrong reportedly grew up living next to, was taken to the hospital to get medical treatment. The home was left with "major damage," but it's currently unclear what caused the fire, per WLOX.

Armstrong seemingly reflected on the incident in a Twitter post on Tuesday (December 27).

"Hug your family extra tight and always tell them how much you appreciate them. Life is too precious," Armstrong tweeted.

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