Nia Long Says Calling Films 'Black Movies' Only 'Holds Us Back'

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Longtime actress Nia Long believes using the term "Black movies" to refer to Black-led films could be holding us back.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Long discussed how deeming movies as "Black" may be trapping Black actors and filmmakers into a specific box.

“I think terms like that hold us back, and I have to catch myself sometimes too because I’m very proud of who I am," Long said. When I use the word Black, I don’t use it as a way to separate ourselves from anyone."

The Best Man: The Final Chapters star further believes that referring to films as "Black movies" could jeopardize an actor's range and longevity in the entertainment industry.

“I use it as a way to put an exclamation point behind our greatness because I don’t think that it’s always been celebrated and recognized,” Long said.

“I have this thing in me that says, ‘I’m being used to tell stories, to inspire our people and to serve as a voice, so I’m going to just trust this process,’" she continued. "If I read a script and I love it, and I say, ‘I’ve got to do that,’ then I’m going to do it.”

Long noted that while she's unapologetically Black on the big screen and in her day-to-day life, she still believes multiculturalism is important.

“I’m also a lover of mankind and human beings and accepting of all people that are good, so multiculturalism is equally as important to me," she said. "But I’m here to represent who we are and if you want to come along for the ride, everyone’s welcome!”

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