T.J. Holmes, Amy Robach Retain Lawyers For Possible Lawsuit Against ABC

Photo: Getty Images

Good Morning America anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have lawyered up in anticipation of a possible lawsuit after they were taken off air amid their public romance.

According to TMZ, Robach has retained acclaimed Hollywood civil lawyer Andrew Brettler and Holmes has brought on attorney Eric George to represent them in a case against ABC if the network chooses to fire or oust the anchors from their GMA3 positions.

Sources told TMZ that ABC hasn't told the pair why they were pulled from the show over a month ago. According to the reports, the network decided to take Holmes and Robach off the air amid an investigation into whether the anchors breached their contracts through acts such as using company resources, including vehicles or drivers, to meet romantically or pressuring employees to keep their relationship quiet.

Lawyers for Robach and Holmes may include race as a factor in possible litigation against ABC, TMZ reports. If the network moves to terminate the two, lawyers will reportedly pose questions such as "Has ABC ever used the morals or conduct clause to fire or discipline 2 consenting adults at equal levels when both were white?"

In the potential lawsuit, Robach and Holmes intend to seek "enormous" damages "if their reputations and careers are ruined as a result of discipline by the network," per TMZ.

ABC didn't respond to TMZ's request for comment regarding the possible suit.

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