TikTok Chef Resigns From DA’s Office Over Racist Tweets About Black Women

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A TikTok-famous chef, who also served as a prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney's office, has stepped down from his position following backlash over his racist and colorist tweets about Black women.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Waymond Wesley II, known as "Chef Way" on TikTok, announced his resignation on Tuesday (January 24) in a lengthy Instagram post.

"Although the leadership at the DA's office and I believed a path forward was possible at the outset of this situation, it has grown clear that my presence is becoming a distraction," Wesley said. "But once I saw that my presence at the DA's Office was becoming larger than the office itself and the ability of Black women, in particular, to feel protected, I knew the only correct course of action was to resign and allow the healing process to begin."

Wesley went on to provide context behind his disparaging comments about Black women, which resurfaced and went viral earlier this month. In one tweet from 2015, Wesley said "I see no difference," when comparing a Black woman to a trash landfill.

“Seven years ago, in my early twenties, from a place of pain fueled by alcoholism, I would lash out at people on Twitter to seek attention, including Black women,” Wesley said Tuesday. “I deeply regret and am sorry for my tweets.”

“On Twitter from 2015-2016, there was a sick trend that targeted and trolled Black women to gain attention and followers,” Wesley continued. “Unfortunately, I joined this trend. Alcoholism destroyed me mentally, spiritually, and physically. I do not hate Black women. I have never hated Black women.”

According to reports, the Houston prosecutor has practiced law since January 2021 and joined the Harris County D.A.'s office in March of that year.

Joe Stinebaker, the director of communications for the D.A.'s office, said the agency was unaware of Wesley's now-deleted Twitter account and tweets before the backlash ensued.

“I do not condone violence against anyone,” Wesley said in his statement on Tuesday, “especially Black women.”

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