Kennesaw State University Student Says He Was Beaten, Called Racial Slurs

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A Kennesaw State University student says he was the victim of an off-campus, racist attack.

Jalique Rosemond told Atlanta News First that he was approached by two white men outside of his off-campus apartment on Saturday (January 21) night.

The men accused him of driving recklessly and proceeded to call him racial slurs, Rosemond said.

“They still continued to say racial slurs, they referred to me as black boy multiple times,” he said.

Rosemond alleged that the two men then physically attacked him in what he said was a hate crime.

“They did hit me, which lead me to bump into their Jeep, which later caused me to fall to the ground,” Rosemond said. “They kicked me in my nose and fractured, broke my nose.”

The Kennesaw student said he was eventually able to escape and knocked on his roommate's window for help.

According to Atlanta News First, surveillance video caught what appears to be part of the encounter. Kennesaw officers who responded to the scene spoke to witnesses, with one claiming that a white male was looking for help following the incident.

Rosemond and his roommate said he was the sole victim.

“I want justice for my friend. I want justice for other people because too many situations happen in Kennesaw and people don’t know about it,” Rosemond’s roommate, Chief, said.

Anyone who was there that night should call investigators at 770-429-4533, per Kennesaw Police.

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