TCU Coach Jamie Dixon Accused Of Making Racial Remarks To Player

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TCU men's basketball head coach Jamie Dixon has been accused of making "racial remarks" to center Eddie Lampkin, who stepped away from the team prior to Thursday's (March 9) game at the Big 12 Tournament.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Lampkin posted screenshots of text messages between Dixon and his mother, Vanessa Lampkin, who accused the coach of disrespecting and mistreating her son.

"Coach Dixon we did not talk yesterday and no one has told you from our end that Eddie is entering the transfer portal. We discussing your behavior towards him. I do not appreciate the way you and everyone at TCU is making it about the transfer portal and not about the real reason he is not there with the team he loves," she said in the messages.

"If you all don't tell the truth of how you have mistreated, disrespected, and said racial remarks towards him. We will. Please do not disrespect my son's name because all we have been is patient with YOU. Handle us with Christian values for once," the mother added.

Ahead of Thursday's game against Kansas State, Dixon was asked if he had a response to the accusations.

"I haven't seen it, [so] no comments on it," the coach said.

According to the Star-Telegram, Lampkin deleted his Instagram after posting the messages. The TCU center missed out on Thursday's game but tweeted a message of support to his teammates.

Dixon said he didn't learn that Lampkin wouldn't be joining the team for the Big 12 Tournament until Tuesday (March 7).

"We wish him the best, I love him, that's a Horned Frog," Dixon said.

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