Black Lawyer Resigns After Law Firm Gives Her Ultimatum Over TikTok

Photo: Eni Popoola/Enigivensunday's TikTok

A Black lawyer says she left her job after a corporate law firm found out about her side hustle as an online influencer. Eni Popoola, who goes by Enigivensunday online, is a New York-based beauty blogger who pulls thousands of views and clicks across TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms.

On Wednesday, March 22, she uploaded a now-viral TikTok explaining she resigned from her corporate law firm after her employer discovered she was making money from makeup and lifestyle videos. Popoola explained someone from another firm found her TikTok and alerted her workplace about what she was doing.

"I have never hid my interests in beauty and blogging from anyone professionally," Popoola said, defending her beauty blogging. "It’s a line on my resume, it comes up in interviews, I’ve connected it back to being able to read contracts and work with brands."

The lawyer was told they didn't know she was earning money on social media through paid partnerships, which is against the company's policy on outside work activities. As a result, Popoola resigned on March 17, just a day after celebrating her 28th birthday.

This shocking news comes nearly six months after Popoola passed her Bar exam, too. On October 20, 2022, she revealed the exciting news in an Instagram video, which shows her yelling and jumping from her seat with joy.

"Esquire. That’s me," Popoola captioned, writing in the video that she's aspired to be an attorney her entire life.

While the TikToker admitted that the sudden loss of her job was stressful, Popoola said she's excited about this next chapter in her life.

“I’m ready to have, now, candid conversations about my experience which I was too afraid to share before just based on the fact I was still employed. So, things are about to get real!” she said. “I’m honestly really excited and thankful for the opportunity to turn what feels like something that happened to me into something that happened for me.”

The beauty blogger even expressed such sentiments in the caption of the video: "There is Romans 8:28 all up in this. To new beginnings and great things ahead. I have a feeling self-employment will look good on me."

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