Virginia Siblings Make History As First Black Triplets To Enlist In Navy

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Three siblings in Virginia have made history as the first Black triplets to enlist in the Navy.

20-year-old triplets Ayrion, Andrea, and Adrion were inspired to enlist together by their parents, Andre Sutton and Tiffany Sutton, who met while serving on the USS Arctic in 1999, per Good Morning America.

"What motivated me to join was hearing my parents talk about how good the Navy was when we was growing up and seeing my dad come home from long months, not being at home and taking care of the family," Adrion Sutton said.

The triplet's father said he initially joined the Navy to find opportunities outside of his hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

"I love the people [in Allentown]. I love the town. You know, I'm grateful," Andre Sutton said. "But that environment is not where I wanted to be in life, so I decided to go forward."

Andre Sutton served 12 years in the Navy before joining the Merchant Marine. Over two decades later, the father said he's "going back into reserves, so I can serve with my kids."

"My children inspired me," Andre Sutton said.

Andrea Sutton said her siblings' historic enlistment is just part of their "everyday life."

"A lot of people would not do this," Andrea Sutton said. "So for all three of us and our dad and mom, for all of us to do this, this is like a really big thing."

Ayrion Sutton said: "It feels good to serve my country. It's an honor to put on this uniform at the end of the day."

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