At Least 4 People Dead In Alabama Mass Shooting At Teen's Birthday Party

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At least 4 people were killed and 15 people were injured in a shooting that broke out at a teen's Sweet 16 birthday party in Alabama.

According to NDTV, the mass shooting occurred on Saturday (April 15) night at a dance studio in Dadeville, a small town northeast of Montgomery.

Four people were reported dead as of Sunday (April 16). Many of the shooting victims were teens who have been transported to local hospitals.

"There were four lives tragically lost in this incident, and there's been a multitude of injuries," Sergeant Jeremy Burkett, a spokesman for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), said in a statement Sunday.

"We can't share anything further at this time," Burkett added, noting the shooting was "tied to a birthday party."

According to ALEA, its State Bureau of Investigations has launched a probe alongside Dadeville Police and the FBI.

Dadeville Chief of Police Jonathan Floyd called the town of roughly 3,000 residents "a tight-knit community full of wonderful people."

Annette Allen told the Montgomery Advertiser that her grandson, Phil Dowdell, was killed in Saturday's shooting. Dowdell, a high school senior on the heels of graduation, attended the party in celebration of his sister's 16th birthday, Allen said.

"He was a very, very humble child. Never messed with anybody. Always had a smile on his face," Allen said, noting that her grandson's mother was among those injured in the shooting.

"Everybody's grieving," she said.

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