Grand Jury Declines To Indict Police Officers In Killing Of Jayland Walker 

March And Rally Demanding Justice For Jayland Walker Held In Newark

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A grand jury in Ohio declined to indict several Akron police officers on state criminal charges in the death of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old Black man who was shot and killed during a police pursuit last year, according to ABC News.

"The grand jury just a little while ago issued what is called a no bill, meaning that there will be no state criminal action, no charges at the state level," Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said during a press conference on Monday, April 17.

Officers claim they tried pulling over Walker for a traffic violation after midnight on June 27, 2022. Police said the driver refused to stop, kicking off a chase where multiple cops allege a gunshot erupted from Walker's vehicle. At some point, Walker abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot into a field. Eight officers fired 96 shots at Walker, who suffered 46 gunshot wounds and died from his injuries, according to officials.

"Mr. Walker then reached for his waistband in what several officers described as a cross-draw motion, planted his foot, and turned toward the officers while raising his hand," Yost said, adding that officers didn't know Walker was unarmed at the time.

Police later retrieved a handgun from Walker's vehicle following the fatal encounter. According to a preliminary report obtained by CNN at the time, Walker's body was still handcuffed when it arrived at the medical examiner's office.

The killing of the young Black man sparked nationwide outrage and protests. The officers involved were initially put on paid leave but later brought back for administrative duty due to a staffing "crisis" at the police department, according to Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett, per ABC News.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Anthony Pierson said that the 25-year-old may have been dealing with personal issues when the police encounter happened.

"I don't want to speculate as to what Mr. Walker was thinking at the time. But I can say this, that it has been made public that Mr. Walker was going through a very tough time in his life. I think it's been documented that Mr. Walker's fiance had died a short time before this incident happened. And he was going through a very tough time and he was hurting."

Pamela Walker, Jayland's mother, described her late son as "the most lovable guy."

"Jayland was the best," she told reporters last year. "He was quiet and reserved, but he was a lot of fun. He liked to joke around. He would joke and make you laugh and loved to listen to music. And he was really helpful to people."

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