German Mayor Taking 'Time Out' Over Repeated Use Of N-Word

Photo: Getty Images

The mayor of the German city of Tuebingen is taking “time out” after repeatedly using the n-word.

On Monday (May 1), Mayor Boris Palmer announced that he was taking "time out" and resigning from the Green Party amid backlash over his use of the racial slur at a conference on Friday (April 30), per the Associated Press.

Palmer was previously suspended by the Green Party after he used the slur to refer to a Black soccer player. Demonstrators gathered outside of Friday's conference, which was hosted by Frankfurt University, chanting "Nazis out" in response to his presence at the event.

As the activists protested, Palmer repeatedly used the racial slur and suggested he was being victimized.

“If someone uses the wrong word then they're a Nazi to you,” he told the activists, adding that the backlash would stick with him like “the Star of David” that Jewish people were forced to wear during the Third Reich.

Palmer apologized Monday to “those I’ve disappointed." He said a mayor "should never speak that way" and he's “incredibly sorry” that he appeared to have downplayed the significance of the Holocaust.

The mayor of Tuebingen is seeking "professional help" so he can react differently when he feels unfairly attacked in the future, Palmer said.

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