NYC Hospital 'Karen' Put On Leave After Attempting To Take Black Man's Bike

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The white hospital employee caught on video attempting to take a Citi Bike from a Black man has been placed on leave, NYC Health + Hospitals told the New York Post.

In the video, which has now garnered more than 40 million views on Twitter, the NYC hospital "Karen" tried to hijack a Black man's reserved bike by crying for help and painting him as a threat to onlookers of the scene.

Her employer, NYC Health + Hospitals, called the incident "disturbing" in a statement released on Tuesday (May 16).

“We are aware of the video involving a health care provider off duty and away from the hospital campus. The incident in the video is disturbing,” a spokesperson for NYC Health + Hospitals said. “The provider is currently out on leave and will remain on leave pending a review."

“As a health system, we are committed to providing an environment for our patients and staff that is free from discrimination of any kind,” the spokesperson added.

Video of the incident began with the woman screaming for help while surrounded by a group of Black men.

"Help! Help me! Please, help me,” the hospital employee said as she tugged on a bike already being held by one of the men.

The man calmly kept his grip on the bike, which he repeatedly told the woman was already reserved under his account.

“You’re hurting my fetus,” the woman claimed as she continued her attempt to take the bike.

She then tried to garner the sympathy of bystanders by crying but was never actually able to shed a tear, the person recording pointed out.

At one point during the video, a white man, who also appeared to be a hospital employee, joined the crowd of onlookers and suggested the man allow her to take the bike that he had already linked to his account.

The encounter eventually ended when the woman's colleague told her to take another available bike.

Social media users called out the Karen's dangerous attempt to "weaponize tears" to paint the Black man as a threat.

According to a DCPI spokesperson, the New York Police Department is aware of the video, but the incident wasn't reported.

“There are currently no 911 calls or reports on file for this incident,” the spokesperson said. “The NYPD encourages anyone who believes they were a victim of a crime to come forward and report it at any police facility so that an investigation can commence.”

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