White DoorDash Driver Caught On Camera Calling Black Customer The N-Word

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Photo: Bloomberg

A Black man caught the moment an irate DoorDash driver blatantly called him the N-word. On Saturday, May 20, TikTok user Jonathan Washington shared doorbell camera footage of a white driver dropping off his food and knocking hard on his door.

"Hey, don’t be beating on my f**king door like that," Washington said over the camera's mic.

"F**k you," she counters.

“F**k you," he responds.

That's when the driver says, “F**k you and your black a**, n*****r.”

That final remark caused Washington to laugh in disbelief.

"I guess this is what happens when you ask a doordasher to deliver your food to the CORRECT DOOR," the customer wrote in the caption while tagging DoorDash. "Thanks for the 12.00 credit though."

WARNING: The video below is unedited and contains use of a racial slur.

Washington shared the shocking moment on TikTok and Facebook, generating hundreds of thousands of views. While many people were shocked and appalled at the delivery driver's behavior, several users took the opportunity to clown on her, as well.

"That came out too smoothly, muscle memory crazy," one TikTok user said.

"Sounds like a regular Call of Duty Lobby," another wrote.

"Lmao that laugh," a viewer commented. "She had 0 hesitation though that was on the tip of her tongue all day."

Other people commended Washington for remaining calm despite the situation.

"You handled yourself well bro, that laugh had to of made her feel her ignorance," a person wrote under Washington's Facebook post.

"You kept your cool," another user said. "I would have lost my sh*t."

Washington didn't say whether he reported the driver for the offensive insult, or if there has been any consequences for the white woman.

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