'American Idol' Winner Just Sam Back To Singing In Subway 3 Years After Win

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American Idol winner Just Sam has returned to singing in subways to make ends meet.

According to reports, Just Sam, who won a remote version of American Idol in 2020, was forced to go back to performing in New York City's subways after fame and fortune from the show failed to materialize.

“Back in 2021, I was super embarrassed to be going back to the trains,” Just Sam wrote earlier this month in a since-deleted caption on Instagram, per The Sun. “I didn’t want people to know that I legit needed the money & I didn’t want people to know that it wasn’t optional.”

“I was disappointed in myself for allowing myself to fall so low after winning ‘Idol,’ but then I had to take it easy on me and remember that I started my journey with ‘Idol’ at 20 years old,” the singer continued, per The Sun. “Not even knowing anything about Hollywood or the music industry.”

Following American Idol, Just Sam reportedly won a recording contract but parted ways with Hollywood Records without finishing an album.

“I am making music,” Just Sam said, per Just Jared. “I just cannot afford to release music, because mixing and mastering music costs a lot of money. And I invested in myself and ended up broke. That’s the truth. Not broke, broke ― like I’m living. I have my own place.”

In response to reports, Just Sam posted a cryptic Instagram story on Tuesday (May 23), saying they wanted to further explain their current situation.

“There’s so much that I want to say, but there’s not much that I am allowed to say,” the American Idol alum wrote. “But I promise that I will say more very soon.”

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