Black Woman Calls Out Airplane Passenger's Racist Texts In Viral TikTok

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An airplane passenger confronted a man on a flight after he allegedly complained about sitting next to a "big, Black woman" in a series of racist text messages.

TikToker Taila Rouse posted a video on Friday (May 26) of the alleged incident that occurred on her flight from Puerto Rico to Atlanta, per Insider. When she glanced over at a nearby passenger's phone, Rouse said she saw the words "big, Black woman" in a text message, prompting her to keep reading his texts.

"He and his family went on and on about the woes of being stuck next to black and gay people," she said. "Then I see this man say he hopes airlines raise prices so these people get weeded out."

Video appears to show Rouse confronting a man who is off-camera and seated next to her. After accusing the passenger of sending texts that made her uncomfortable, Rouse said she wasn't going to repeat his messages aloud because other plane riders didn't need to know.

"I just want you to know that I know," she told the man in the video.

In a follow-up video posted by Rouse, three outgoing text messages can be seen on the man's phone screen.

"Hopefully the airlines will continue to raise prices and weed out these people. Ryan is sitting next to a huge black woman," the messages read.

Rouse said she wasn't going to say anything to the passenger at first, but she wanted to make him feel as uncomfortable as she felt.

"If you're going to be bold enough to pull your phone out in the middle seat of an airplane and freely talk disrespectfully about Black people, then I'm going to be bold enough to say something to you," Rouse wrote in the video caption.

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