Two More Officers Fired Following Police Van Paralysis Of Randy Cox

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Two more Connecticut police officers have been fired for their involvement in the police van transport that left Randy Cox paralyzed.

According to CNN, the New Haven Board of Police Commissioners voted unanimously to fire Officer Oscar Diaz and Sergeant Betsy Segui for violating the "General Orders" of the police department. The board previously terminated officers Jocelyn Lavandier and Luis Rivera in connection to the incident.

“While nothing can ever return Randy’s life to the way it was prior to this incident, with the police disciplinary process now complete, the civil lawsuit now resolved and the comprehensive set of reforms now adopted by the police department, we have demonstrated clearly and unequivocally as a community that Randy’s life matters, that Black Lives Matter and that we are resolved to do everything in our power to ensure an incident like this never happens again,” Mayor Justin Elicker said in a statement.

Cox was being transported to a New Haven police station on a weapons charge on June 19, 2022, when an officer driving the van braked hard to avoid a collision at an intersection, according to police. The impact sent Cox, who was handcuffed, headfirst into the wall of the van.

Cox pleaded for help and told police he couldn't move, yet some of the officers mocked him and accused him of faking his injuries. The officers also dragged Cox by his feet out of the van and put him in a holding cell.

In March, Police Chief Karl Jacobson recommended five officers be terminated for their involvement in the incident. The fifth officer, Ronald Pressley, avoided possible termination by retiring in January.

Earlier this month, Cox reached a $45 million settlement with the city of New Haven, which his lawyer said was the largest settlement involving a police misconduct case in U.S. history.

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