Victims Of Shreveport Mass Shooting Identified

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Victims of the mass shooting that left 11 people injured and 4 dead at a July 4 block party in Shreveport, Louisiana have been identified.

According to the coroner's office, the four people killed in the shooting were Moriz Aziz, 22, Jarike Dorsey, 19, Demorie Williams, 24, and Syncere Brown, 17, per People.

Aziz and Dorsey were pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting. Williams was taken to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries, Sgt. Angie Willhite of the Shreveport Police Department said. Investigators later found a fourth body, identified as Brown, in a wooded area near the party.

The July 4 block party was an annual tradition in the neighborhood that had never turned violent, according to local councilwoman Tabatha Taylor. Taylor said this year's party took a turn shortly before midnight when a group of men dropped by uninvited.

Investigators believe the uninvited guests got into an argument with another group of men at the party before the shooting unfolded. According to police, there were multiple shooters.

As of Thursday (July 6) night, one person remains in critical condition. No arrests have been made in the shooting.

“Right now, we have no suspects,” Willhite said. “And those are the worst words that can come out of my mouth.”

The incident was one of at least 23 mass shootings that occurred during the July 4 holiday weekend, according to Gun Violence Archive.

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