Trump Supporter Wearing Blackface Goes On Rant In Target, Starbucks: Video

Photo: Getty Images

A woman wearing blackface went on anti-LGBTQ and pro-Trump rants at a Target store and Starbucks in Colorado.

In one video posted on social media, the woman in blackface, identified as Ersilia Campbell, approached employees at a Target in Aurora, Colorado, demanding they direct her to the Pride section of the store, per TMZ.

When an employee informed her that Pride month was over, the woman suggested the LGBTQ community hijacked the American flag with the Pride flag. A worker also called her out for wearing blackface in the middle of the store, but the woman claimed her actions were no different than Lester Holt dressing up as a white woman.

The woman then went on to don blackface at a local Starbucks while wearing Trump stickers on her chest. "Trump is coming," she declared in the coffee shop.

In a video, the Trump supporter said she was looking for a job after losing hers at the post office. She joked about applying for a job at the post office again since they wouldn't recognize her in blackface.

According to TMZ, Campbell was fired from the post office in February. The office reportedly posted a trespassing notice on Tuesday (August 1), asking employees to call Postal Inspection Service if she showed up.

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