Jamie Foxx Apologizes After Being Accused Of Making Antisemitic Post

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Jamie Foxx has issued an apology after making an Instagram post accused of being antisemitic.

The Oscar-winning actor took to Instagram on Friday (August 4) to speak on the betrayal of a "fake friend."

"THEY KILLED THIS DUDE NAME JESUS... WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY'LL DO TO YOU???! #fakefriends #fakelove," Foxx wrote in a now-deleted social media post.

However, Foxx's post quickly received backlash, with social media users accusing the actor of spreading antisemitism. Users who opposed the post believed Foxx was promoting the idea of "Jewish deicide," which is "the charge that Jews bear eternal responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ," according to the American Jewish Committee (AJC).

Following the backlash, Foxx deleted his post and shared an apology in which he clarified the "they" he was referring to.

"I want to apologize to the Jewish community and everyone who was offended by my post," Foxx said in his apology. "I now know my choice of words have caused offense and I'm sorry. That was never my intent."

"To clarify, I was betrayed by a fake friend and that's what I meant with 'they' not anything more," he continued. "I only have love in my heart for everyone. I love and support the Jewish community. My deepest apologies to anyone who was offended. Nothing by love always."

Prior to Foxx issuing the apology, Jennifer Aniston spoke out against his post despite appearing to like it before it was deleted.

"This really makes me sick," Aniston wrote on her Instagram Story alongside a screenshot of Foxx's post. "I did not 'like' this post on purpose or by accident. And more importantly, I want to be clear to my friends and anyone hurt by this showing up in their feeds—I do NOT support any form of antisemitism. And I truly don't tolerate HATE of any kind. Period."

Other celebrities weighed in on the debacle, saying Foxx had nothing to apologize for in the first place.

"If Jennifer had any Black friends she would know that 'They killed Jesus' is a phrase used in the Black Community to mean if they did that to Jesus, they will talk bad about you, lie on you, betray you, meaning [people] not Jews," former basketball star Etan Thomas said.

Actress Porscha Coleman wrote: "People can’t even speak anymore without someone being offended. You were clearly talking about someone you thought was a friend who turned out to be a backstabber. The hashtags clearly reference that. Society is so sensitive these days!"

"When you have to apologize for the truth, your voice is the minority," Comedian Jay Pharoah chimed in.

Model Winnie Harlow commented: "I'm so confused.. it's so clear what you were saying."

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