'Karen' Goes Off On Black Neighbor Over Dog Dispute In Viral Video

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A North Carolina woman is being deemed a "Karen" after she was caught on camera harassing her Black neighbor.

According to Revolt, a Black woman, identified on social media as Bre, recorded the encounter she had with her neighbor after she told her to keep her dog off her property.

In doorbell footage, Bre can be heard telling her neighbor “You gotta get your dog. You gotta put your dog on a leash” as the animal appeared to run out of her garage.

After the dog's owner apologized to Bre, she responded: “No, this is not a sorry thing. This is like the fourth or fifth time this has happened.” The neighbor commented that there was no need for Bre to get "rowdy" before a second video showed her yelling at the Black woman to go home and stay off her property.

In the video, Bre explained that she was staying within her own property lines while speaking with her neighbor. The "Karen" proceeded to get in Bre's face, yelling “What are you, Black? You’re Black, so you got rights?”

Bre stated that she was recording the incident so that everyone could see the woman's racist behavior.

“You think you’re Black, so you’re up in my face, right? Yeah. Oh, she’s Black, you guys. Be scared, run. I don’t give a flying f**k if you’re purple,” the neighbor said.

“B**ch, what are you trying to do, a record? You’re trying to do a record on the phone? … Hi, guys! This is the freak who had to b**ch alert instead of telling me and being nice,” she continued.

According to a follow-up video shared on TikTok, Bre pressed charges against the neighbor following the exchange.

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