Black Teacher Loses Job After Making 'Racist' Posts About White People

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A Black teacher in Texas is no longer employed at an elementary school after she posted "racist" comments about white people on social media.

On Tuesday (August 8), the Mesquite Independent School District announced that a teacher was out at Thompson Elementary following "alarming, racist statements" she made on social media.

"At approximately 4 p.m. [local time] yesterday, Mesquite ISD became aware of a series of alarming, racist statements posted to the X (formerly Twitter) account of a teacher at Thompson Elementary," the district said in a statement, declining to identify the teacher. "Upon learning of this situation, our Personnel staff began an immediate investigation."

"As of this morning, the employee is no longer a part of the Mesquite ISD organization and is not eligible for rehire," the statement continued. "Due to privacy restrictions, Mesquite ISD cannot comment on the details of Personnel matters. Nevertheless, the highly offensive statements posted to her X account do not reflect the values and standards of Mesquite ISD, and the district condemns them in the strongest terms."

According to Newsweek, the teacher referred to herself as "pro-Black men" and as a "Black supremacist" on her social media account, which has now been deleted. In one post, the teacher detailed her feelings about her sister dating a white man.

"Like I'm baffled af seeing a white man in my house," she wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. "I can't believe it!! This is supposed to be a NEGRO ONLY house. I'm so mad right now!! But I also don't want to cause a scene and embarrass her!! Idk what to do right now!!"

The teacher also allegedly joked about asking her boyfriend to kill her sister's white partner.

“I enjoy being a racist,” she wrote in one post, per Dallas Morning News. “I’m never changing.”

In another post, the teacher claimed that she wouldn't lose her job due to her statements.

“Yes. Y’all have found my job. They told me to delete the post but my job is safe since I did not directly wish harm on ALL white people,” she tweeted. "They laughed and told me to watch what I say and I’ll be good to go!”

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