White Woman Allegedly Spit, Kicked Black Man During Alabama Boat Brawl

Photo: Getty Images

Calls are growing for a white woman to be charged and arrested after she allegedly kicked and spit on a Black man during the massive brawl that occurred at an Alabama riverfront dock.

On Sunday (August 6), several videos began to circulate on social media of a Black man being charged at and hit by a white assailant on a dock at Riverfront Park in Montgomery, Alabama. According to reports, the Black victim, identified as Damien Pickett, was a riverboat co-captain who instructed a parked pontoon to move from the dock to make room for the Harriott II Riverboat to offload its passengers.

Videos show the Black man and assailant fighting before two more white men joined in on the brawl. At one point in the videos, the victim can be seen on the ground as he's being struck by several white men.

A white woman also appeared to join the men in kicking and spitting on the victim while he was on the ground, according to videos shared on Thursday (August 10) by activist Shaun King. Though her identity hasn't been confirmed, social media users identified the woman as Mary Elizabeth Todd.

King urged Montgomery Police to arrest the woman after the department announced warrants for three white men Richard Roberts, Alan Todd, and Zachary Shipman — for their involvement in Saturday's (August 5) brawl.

Amid the announcement, Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert noted that authorities are still investigating the incident and have "many, many more interviews to conduct."

"As we identify additional folks that we need to talk to, we will ask them to come in and we'll try to locate them and do further investigation to see if the charges are appropriate," Albert said Tuesday (August 8) during a press conference.

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