Howard University Students Stabbed, Beaten By Mob Outside Residence Halls

Photo: Getty Images

At least one student was stabbed and several others injured in a violent attack that occurred at Howard University, NBC Washington reports.

According to the victims, "a bunch of D.C. locals" showed up outside of two residence halls and began "kicking" and "punching" students.

“It was like maybe 5, 10, 20,” one victim said. “And one lunges at me, so I square up.”

“We were getting jumped," another student said of the attack.

Two students said they were able to escape, but others got left behind. Among those, one was stabbed.

“He got stabbed in the back and he got just beat on by like 30 people, him by himself, and security looked at him on the ground, watched his body go limp, and just walked away. Didn’t call anybody; didn’t do anything,” a witness recalled.

Following the attack, at least one juvenile was arrested with a handgun, according to the campus police chief. The chief said internal and external investigations have been launched into the violent incident.

A university police lieutenant was suspended pending the internal investigation. A third-party security contractor was removed from campus.

One victim said they were "prepared to die" during the attack.

“When I was on the ground getting stomped out, I just stopped feeling the pain at one point,” the victim said.

Howard University officials announced plans to install over 1,000 cameras and implement safety paths where students will have access to a security officer within 100 feet.

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