Carlee Russell's Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out About Kidnapping Hoax

Photo: Hoover Police

The ex-boyfriend of Carlee Russell, the Alabama woman who faked her abduction, says he's still questioning why she went through with the hoax.

According to Daily Mail, Thomar Latrell Simmons, Russell's ex, spoke out about the kidnapping hoax on a recent episode of the "205 Boyz" podcast.

Simmons said the pair went on a vacation in New York with Russell's family just before her disappearance.

"We were having fun," Simmons said. "We were going and taking tours to the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge."

Russell's former boyfriend admitted that the two got into a "little argument" when they got back from the trip, but "it wasn't nothing to kidnap yourself over," he said.

"I'm confused, like what happened? What made you do this? I don't understand," Simmons added on the podcast.

Russell disappeared in July after calling 911 to report a child walking alone on the side of the highway. The woman previously claimed she was kidnapped after she got out of her vehicle to check on the child. She returned home on foot two days after her alleged abduction.

At the time of her return, Simmons said Russell "was literally fighting for her life for 48 hours" and asked the public to give her grace until "she’s physically & mentally stable again."

However, Hoover police later said they were unable to find any evidence of the child and couldn't locate items Russell took from her job on the night of her disappearance. Authorities also revealed that Russell searched for information on Amber Alerts, bus stations, and how to take to money from a register "without getting caught" just before her disappearance.

Russell ultimately admitted that she fabricated the entire situation, from the 911 call to her abduction.

Rumors swirled that Russell faked her abduction to get attention from her boyfriend. On the podcast, Simmons shut down accusations that she disappeared because of him.

Simmons added that he hasn't spoken with Russell, who is facing charges of filing a false report, since the kidnapping hoax.

"We haven't had no contact with each other," he said. and he doesn't seem eager to open the lines of communication anytime soon.

Simmons said he's working on healing and moving on from the situation.

"I've just been going day by day, every day just been getting better and better. Especially with my friends and family, I'm thankful for," he said.

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