Clark Atlanta Students Face Massive Flooding In Residence Halls, Streets

Photo: Getty Images

A massive flood has destroyed the streets and residence halls at Clark Atlanta University, WSB-TV reports.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said parts of the CAU campus received three hours' worth of rain in 15 minutes. Water from the torrential downpour took over the dorms and streets of the HBCU.

“People were literally kicking through water,” Xzavier Boykin said. ”It was extremely scary because it was a hazard. There are a lot of electrical devices going on. I know multiple people who had their kitchen flooded and a lot of damage has already been done.”

Videos of the flooding went viral on social media. In one video, water pressure appeared to trap a woman's leg in a doorway.

Miyonna Paris said water picked up her car and traveled it across the street.

“You open up the car door, and there is nothing but water that flows out.” Paris said. “How did my heavy car get lifted up and float?”

In a statement, Clark Atlanta University said: “All students living in the residential areas affected by flooding are in the process of being relocated to new housing.”

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