Black Model Left In Tears After Artist Uses White Makeup On Her

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A Black model was left in tears during New York Fashion Week after a makeup artist applied white concealer that made her "look like a ghost."

Model Megan Milan shared her experience in a TikTok video that's garnered nearly 12 million views. In the video, a makeup artist appears to apply a concealer that is too light for her skin.

"I look like a ghost," Milan says of the finished look. The model is then seen in a Sephora store shopping for her own makeup while in tears.

The viral video sparked conversation surrounding diversity and discrimination in the beauty industry. Milan told Allure that she spoke up about her makeup due to a lesson her mom taught her early in her career.

“She used to tell me, ‘You better speak up,’” Milan recalled. “One time I didn't, and I looked hideous. And my mom's like, ‘This is your brand. People see this.’ So I always make sure I say something.”

A model of eight years, Milan said she would typically bring her own foundation to shoots, but during this year's fashion week, she "let her guard down."

The model declined to share what brand she was working for when the incident with the makeup artist occurred. Milan said she was concerned even before this particular makeup artist started to apply her makeup.

“I saw the foundation was way too dark and the concealer was way too light,” she told Allure. “And she only had two colors. When I asked if she had seen my picture already, she said ‘Yes, I did.’"

Everyone on set suggested that Milan take a car to Sephora to get her right shades, the model said.

“I had to take off the makeup, redo everything. I think I ended up getting emotional because I had to go to the store. It was just like, ‘Am I going to get paid for being the makeup artist as well?’ I also came with my hair done, you know what I mean?”

Milan said the brand was apologetic and paid her for the overtime.

“I told the makeup artist and the team, ‘If you feel like you can't do Black girl makeup or you've never done it before, please do not use us as test dummies,’” she said. “Because a lot of times people are like, ‘Oh, well, sometimes people don't know and they need to practice on Black faces.’ No, you don’t. You never need to practice on a model during New York Fashion Week.”

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