'Cotton Picker': Black Student Subjected To Racist Taunts, Memes

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida teen said she's endured racist bullying from her classmates including students sharing a meme of her face edited on a slave's body.

16-year-old Grace Clay, a student and volleyball player at Babcock Ranch High School, said she's been referred to as a "cotton picker" and other derogatory terms.

“Get the Black one,” one student said in a video obtained by WFTX-TV. “Guys, she didn’t pick her cotton this morning.”

Clay also detailed an incident where she sat in a corner while she was hit with pillows at an away game.

“I put my hands up, and I just sat there and took it," Clay told the local news outlet.

After reporting the incident to school officials, the video was allegedly deemed not "racially discriminatory." The girls involved in the video were told to sit out for one game, according to reports.

On her birthday, Clay said a meme circulated among her peers of her face edited on an enslaved person.

Clay's family reached out to the NAACP and is set to file a complaint with the Department of Justice.

“Parents should be outraged about what is taking place in Babcock Ranch High School,” Lee County NAACP president James Muwakkil said in a statement.

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