5 Injured In Shooting At Morgan State University, Suspect Still At Large

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Four students and another person were injured in a shooting outside of a homecoming event at Morgan State University, a historically Black college.

On Tuesday (October 3) evening, students and families filled the Murphy Fine Arts Auditorium to crown Mr. and Miss Morgan State University amid homecoming week just before gunfire erupted outside of the building, per CNN.

“Our students at the end of that were headed over to the Student Center to rejoice and to enjoy themselves when this unfortunate situation erupted on the campus,” university President David Wilson said.

“We were outside of our coronation, basically they let out and everybody was leaving, and then we see two gunshots hit the front window and everyone just started running,” a student who identified as David added. “It was chaos.”

An upper-floor window of a dorm was also shattered, prompting a SWAT team to go door-to-door to hunt for shooting suspects in students' rooms.

Though police believe there is no longer an active shooter situation on campus, they haven't found any suspects and are still investigating the incident, Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said in a statement.

The victims of the shooting were four men and one woman ranging from ages 18 to 22, Worley said. They were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

University classes were canceled for Wednesday (October 4), and counselors were made available to students, according to Wilson.

“We will be assessing what will happen for the rest of the homecoming week as early as tomorrow morning,” the university president said.

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