Lala Milan Expecting First Child With Boyfriend Tyler P.

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Comedian and social media influencer LaLa Milan is pregnant.

On Monday (October 9), Milan announced that she was expecting her first child with her partner and model Tyler P. Milan posted a picture of the pair from her maternity shoot, where she showed off her baby bump.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m still in shock,” she told Essence. “I look down at my belly like, ‘That’s crazy!'”

“I feel amazing. I’m so excited,” Milan added. “I’m talking to all the moms. I’m so all about kids. I already was.”

During her interview with Essence, Milan revealed how she found out she was pregnant.

"I found out because I use a period tracker and according to it, my cycle was seven days late. Next thing you know, my boyfriend was coming in town and I was like, let me go ahead and take this test before he comes so I could know if I potentially have to tell him something. When I went and peed on that stick my heart was jumping and I didn’t even watch it. I said I’m a go downstairs. When I come back up I’m going to face my fate.' Chile, my fate was facing me." she said.

Before her pregnancy, the comedian said she tried to get on birth control multiple times.

"Each time I went to the OBGYN they had the wrong birth control. It happened three times!" Milan said. "And by the time they got it right, they called and said, “We have your birth control ready.” I said, 'I’m pregnant.' They were like “Um, uh, uh…” I said, 'It’s ok. I’m excited and I’m keeping it. Thank y’all.’"

Milan said her pregnancy has inspired her to "work even harder."

"I was already a hard worker but now it’s making me to work even harder simply because there is in my mind the old-school stigma that once you get pregnant [your career], you’re ruined. So for me, I have to defy the odds to make sure that doesn’t happen. Sometimes people will slow down once a child is in the picture. That’s in my mind for whatever reason. But it’s inspired me to go even harder. If that’s what it takes for me to keep it pushing, so be it," she told Essence.

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