100-Year-Old Woman Reveals Secrets For Living Long Life

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A centenarian is sharing her secrets to living a long life, per Insider.

Born in 1922, Ruby Cole, a 100-year-old retired nurse, has lived through the Great Depression, World War ll, the civil rights movement, and more.

Cole said one of the secrets to happiness and longevity is serving others.

"You have to be kind, loving, and serviceable," she said. "It works both ways because you feel good when you're helping other people feel good."

Another one of Cole's secrets is eating three balanced meals around the same time every day.

"Eating properly means that you can't miss a meal," the centenarian said. She recommends a "simple diet" of protein, starch, and vegetables.

Cole also exercises daily to stay healthy. The 100-year-old said she prefers to walk through her neighborhood and feel "fresh air on my face" rather than using "fancy" machines at the gym.

"I'd get up early before work and meet a friend to walk two miles," Cole said. "We never missed a day, even when the weather was bad," she added.

Cole has been recently doing "little leg taps" for 25 beats on each side while leaning on her walker and 25 arm raises to keep her flexibility.

"With my arthritis, I get a little sore," she told Insider. "But I try and do as much as I can to keep myself moving."

The centenarian also lives her life by the motto "When you look good, you feel good." She said watching sports, the news, and Wheel of Fortune keeps her mind sharp.

"Miss Ruby watches 'Wheel of Fortune,'" Cole's nephew, David Luckett, said. "She hardly ever gets an answer wrong. She'd make a great contestant."

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