Man Fatally Shot Girlfriend & Her Son, Lit Their Trailer On Fire: Police

Photo: Getty Images

A Mississippi man has been arrested after he fatally shot his girlfriend and her eight-year-old son and lit their trailer on fire, according to police.

James Fulgham, 31, was charged with two counts of capital murder, one count of arson, and auto theft in connection to the shooting death of 43-year-old Zina Williams and her son, Zacchesus, per People.

Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee said the pair was found dead after firefighters responded to a report of a fire last week. According to Lee, Fulgham fled the scene in Williams' car and was arrested in Lauderdale County, Mississippi one day after the shooting. The car was found hidden in the woods behind Fulgham's home.

Fulgham shot Zacchesus three times, and Williams was shot once in the head, Lee said. Investigators believe Zacchesus, a student at Forest Elementary School, was shot first.

“It is a horrific event,” Lee said. “We don’t have things like this happen in this community. To also have a child killed has taken a lot out of the men and women who work here.”

“Hopefully we do have some answers for the victims’ family,” he added.

Fulgham is currently in custody at the Scott County Sheriff's office and was denied bail.

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